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Women and Girls' Jogalong  

Walk, Jog or Run at the ACT Women's and Girls' Jogalong. Held on the first Sunday of every month starting at 9 am (8 am in summer) at Weston Park. The start and finish line are near Prescott Lane. All welcome, you don't have to be a member of the club to participate, just turn up on the day and give it a go!
February Jogalong

Thanks to everyone for supporting our special OvCan Jogalong. If you didn't bring your money, or didn't make it on the day, but still wish to make a donation or purchase some of our discount clothing, you can still do so online. And remember that $5 from every item of clothing sold will go to OvCan.

6km Event: The Jogalong is a 6km walk jog or run on tracks and bike path. It is a handicapped event, with walkers starting off first and faster runners leaving progressively from higher groups. The course is marked by witches hats so, look out for the witches hats along the way.  This event is limited to women and girls only

3km mixed event: The 3km mixed event is for all female ages and boys under 13years. The course initially follows the Jogalong course, but turns at 1.5km and returns to the Jogalong start line. This event commences with Group 1 of the Jogalong.

Mini-jog: This event is 1.6km for girls and boys under 13years. A handicap system is applied to the event with barrel prizes on offer as well as medals for the first three eligible placegetters on handicap. The 'Robert De Castella' and 'Lisa Martin (Ondieki)' trophies are awarded at the end of the year to the boy and girl who top the point score.

All events start and finish near Prescott Lane, Weston Park.

  • Entry is FREE to YMCA of Canberra Runners Club Members
  • Non Members single event entry is $10 adults or $5 for under 18yrs
  • Free Childcare is provided by the YMCA at the event start for children under 5 years
  • 6km Race Record is held by Susan Hobson who ran a time of 21.16 minutes

First Time at the Jogalong ?

The Jogalong is all about participation and enjoyment. It aims to encourage women and girls to get out and get active by providing a physical challenge in a friendly social environment and a regular opportunity to improve on your own personal best. A handicap system is used for the event so if you are new, report to the registration table before the event begins. Our club volunteers there will help you to establish a handicap group which you will start in.

Our aim is that you should feel a sense of achievement at the end and want to return as a regular participant. This gives you the motivation to train each week so that each month at the Jogalong you can work to improve your personal performance. The only pressure to perform is from you !

Regular exercise is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle. An advantages of running/walking for exercise is that you don't need a special place to do it and aside from appropriate shoes no specialist equipment or coaching is needed to get started. You can leave from your front door - you just need to set aside some time to fit it into your daily routine. If you play another sport or compete in other active recreational events running can be helpful in improving your overall fitness level and strength.

Our hope is that once you get started with running you will choose to become a member of the club and pursue other running events and training groups that we offer. All of our events and training groups are coordinated by volunteers so if you have an area that is of special interest get involved and volunteer.

If you would like to know more the contact details for current volunteer Jogalong co-ordinators can be found in the latest edition of the monthly newsletter Jogalong Jottings.

History of the Jogalong

The Jogalong has grown from strength to strength. It started on the 1st of January 1978 when a small number of women met on a Sunday morning and ran the 6km course. From this the numbers have increased, sponsors have been gained and the event is held every month.

The Handicap System

The Jogalong uses a handicap system which work's like this....

You estimate how long it will take you to walk, jog or run one kilometre - or 6km. It is up to you! The club volunteers will then place you in the relevant group, according to our 'sheet'. For example, if you expect to complete the 6 kilometres in 30 minutes (that is a rate of 5 mins per km) you will be in group 40 which will leave at approximately 33 minutes after 9:00 am. The first handicap group (walkers) usually leaves at 9:00 am and the last (fastest) group at around 9:40 am.

The aim is to cater for all abilities from walkers and joggers through to elite runners, and to allow you to complete the course at a pace that you are comfortable with. The benefit of the handicap system is that everyone finishes at about the same time. If you improve you will be placed in an appropriate group, so you can measure your improvement.

Once you have been to a Jogalong your name and start group (it may change, depending on your performance!) will be listed on the handicap boards at the event. When you arrive for your next Jogalong simply check in at the registration tables and check your start group on the board. You will be handed a place card at the finish line and you take that to the recording tables where your name and start group will be recorded. Results are published on the website sometime during the following week. They will also be in the next Jogalong Jottings.

The Points Score System

The Jogalong also offers a point score system where regular participation is recognised, as is an improvement in performance. You must be a financial member of the YCRC to score points and win awards. The first, second and third eligible placegetters at each Jogalong are rewarded with medallions which are handed out at the presentation.

To be eligible as a placegetter you must have completed a minimum of four Jogalongs and you must have started from your correct group. The 'winner' takes the Jogalong trophy home and brings it back the next month. Points are awarded to the first 100 eligible participants. A prize is awarded at the Christmas Jogalong in December to the woman who has the best six Jogalong results over the year. It is not the fastest people who win but those who consistently come to the Jogalong and improve their performance.

Helping Out

The Jogalong is always looking for volunteers to help us set up, register new starters, take names at the finish and help with the refreshments. If you are able to help out once over a 12 month period we would be very grateful. If we have sufficient helpers you can still run! Please choose a month that you would like to help and write your name and phone number on the roster board.

Beyond the Jogalong !

If you enjoy the Jogalong and think that you would like to participate in other running events, the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club (YCRC) has lots to offer the Canberra runners. We hold regular club runs each Saturday over the winter and a series of club runs are held in the evening during spring and summer. We also conduct or assist with a number of key running events such as the Australian Running Festival, Thredbo Fun and Fitness week and the Canberra Half Marathon. For information on all of our events see theYCRC Event Calendar.

 If you are unsure of your next step just chat to one of the Jogalong organisers or send us an email admin.ycrc@ymca.org.au

Thanks to Our Sponsors

The Jogalong is very grateful to our regular sponsors who support us in continuing this event.

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